Sunday, June 13, 2010

Square Seven and Eight-ish

I know I have dropped the ball on my stitching. Mostly because I wanted a vacation, but I also had to help someone very close to my heart make a big move in his life.

My brother just graduated from college and moved to Los Angeles. I know he isn't far away, but he still isn't as close as he used to be. This is a new course in the path he is creating for himself and just as the landscape on the road from Tucson to LA is varied, so will be the challenges and celebrations he will encounter.

I am happy and excited for this new chapter in his life, but I miss him. My brother is 7 years younger than me, and for the greater part of my life, he has been my closest friend. He has the ability to know exactly what I am thinking just by looking at me. We can sit in a room in silence and be perfectly content. It's bittersweet to watch him move, but wonderful to see him reach for his happiness.

As we drove through Coachella Valley, I watched the windmills; some were spinning, some were swaying, and some were completely immobile. Just like moments in life, when we know how to move, we move slow, or don't move at all, the wind will guide us to the place we should be.

On that note, I haven't really moved at all with my squares...

I am an aries, so I am going to blame inability to finish things right away on that. I know I need to get on it and finish.