Saturday, November 27, 2010

Squares 15 through 20

Clearly, I procrastinate... BIG time. In May, I started this project and was aiming to stitch 39 squares, although now I am realizing that I set myself up to make 42 squares. At any rate, I was supposed to stitch a square a day... which means I should have finished at the end of June, but since I am putting things off, I am barely at Square 20 today! I resolve to finish before the year is over...

I put a little stone on this shoe, but it's clear so it's a little difficult to see.

My gnome looks like an elf, and I am alright with that...

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Preparing for the Holidays

I enjoy the holidays because of glitter and twinkling lights. Although, I use strings of lights all the time, this time of year, it's an excuse to use them everywhere and anywhere possible. I was looking for some embroidery floss and found a set of pink lights in the craft box, and decided to decorate my cruiser. I am not going to be able to get a tree this year, but that's alright... the bike will take it's place.

While I was searching for the embroidery floss, I found this small package of embroidery ribbon. It was one of those crafty things I bought forever ago and hadn't used. Since I decided everyone was receiving handmade gifts this year, I used the kit to embroider a handkerchief.

Now to decide on who will receive this hanky!

Monday, November 15, 2010

Look into her crystal ball...

My sister, the Fanciful Twist herself, has this uncanny ability to predict the future... of fashion. In the early 90's, her shoulder length earrings were ahead of their time. She predicted there would be a boom in the interest in Southwest style and that same year Kate Spade had an Arizona-themed advertising campaign. Before skulls hit the scene, she had already been wearing them for six months. When I decided to move to Albuquerque from Tucson, she said, "watch, everyone is going to start wearing those Santa Fe looking jackets".... sure as the sun comes up every morning, she was right. There are countless other occasions where she handed me an item of clothing or accessory and would say, this is going to be the latest craze... I would laugh and call her crazy, only to have Vogue or Marie Claire proving me wrong with trend alerts and style spreads.

This instance was no different. It was June of this year and I returned to Arizona. I took off through the hills and desert wilderness to get to my sister's house. When I arrived she began sharing her adventures and treasures with me. Then, she let out a shriek and said that I wouldn't believe what she had found... she ran off and returned with a genie-fortune-teller type turban on her head.... she thought it was the greatest thing since sliced bread! Her opinion was that if we added jewels and feathers it would be "FABULOUS!" I was not so convinced. I laughed hysterically and thought, she had really lost her marbles.

First, I caught a glimpse of Rachel Zoe on her show in a turban. Second, I received the December issue of Marie Claire in the mail on Friday and finally had a chance to look through it Sunday night.... what did I find?? The jeweled and feathered turban that my sister had thought would be "FABULOUS!" Apparently, they were all over Jean Paul Gaultier's show and they are the latest way to look Burlesque...

Needless to say, my sister can predict the future... and now she can look fabulous in a matching fortune-teller style headdress.