Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Embroidered Easter Baskets

I found some free Easter-themed embroidery patterns around the internet a bit ago and was able to stitch the majority of them up. Once I finished, I had no idea where to put them or what to do with them. 

I have this problem where I find embroidery patterns online, and I hold on to them for a while, and sometimes it either takes forever for me to try them, or I never try them out at all. Does that ever happen to you? 

These patterns are available here and here

This pattern is courtesy of Follow the White Bunny

I am having problems finding where I got this pattern from. This is another issue that comes up when I hold on to things for too long... I can't remember or it's a challenge to find the source. If you know where this image is from, or you are the artist, please let me know!

When I made the time to work on these, I felt very satisfied to finally try out some patterns I had been holding onto for a while. I realized I could make little fabric easter baskets like the one I made over at Feeling Stitchy, and I was totally excited! Nothing makes me smile more than infusing embroidery into usable and functional items. I shrunk the size down about 3-inches, and made four mini baskets with the embroidered pieces on the front.

Now I just need to fill them with treats for the fam and surprise them with some handmade Easter baskets. 

Until next time!


Monday, March 18, 2013

A little Instagram love

I am not typically a fan of things like Facebook or Twitter. I get why people like them, but after trying both out, I realized quickly, that they just weren't forms of interaction I liked. I guess I am a little traditional in that I really prefer face-to-face interaction. That being said, I was a little skeptical of Instagram, until I tried it and now I am addicted.

I admit, I have been using it more than I have been blogging. Mostly because it's a little faster for me to snap a photo and upload it right quick. If you are on Instagram, let me know, I would love to check out your page, and if you would like to check mine out, I can be found as: @bobbypinbandit

I like to post pictures of my embroidery and sewing projects. Sometimes I post hikes, food, and drinks. Other times I just post goofy things I experience or things I like to photograph. I have found some very inspirational people on Instagram, both with embroidery, quilting, and just in general!

How do you feel about Instagram?

Until next time!


Thursday, March 14, 2013

Happy Pi Day!

Today is March 14th (3/14), which means, it's Pi day!

I am not a big math person, and I am not ashamed to admit that on my own personal hierarchy of subjects, math is the lowest on the list, BUT I never turn away from celebrating something and I do use math everyday. So, let's celebrate this mathematical constant. 

Pi is the ratio of a circle's circumference to its diameter and is represented by the 16th letter of the Greek alphabet ("π") and is often written simply as "pi"(USA Today). Pi is an irrational number, meaning it can never be written as the ratio of two integers. The most commonly known fractional equivalent of pi, 22/7, is only accurate to two decimal places of the actual pi value. Since pi is irrational, it has an infinite number of digits in its decimal state, and will never end in a repeating pattern of numbers... 3.1415926 (Wired).

I think today calls for a slice of pie... maybe pizza pie. 

Will you be celebrating pi day? 

Until next time!


Sunday, March 3, 2013

Tutorial: St. Patrick's Day Banner


It shouldn't be a secret that I love banners. Bunting, banners, flags... I love them all. I am really getting into St. Patrick's Day this year, it's not something I usually get into. I think it has to do with the green. I love emerald green, like the kind of green in Oz (as in the Wizard of Oz). Because I am in love with emerald green and can't get enough of it I knew I needed to really take advantage of decorating with it, so banners had to be it!

The idea for this banner came to me as I was cutting some shamrocks from my sister's awesome St. Patrick's Day freebie/tutorial. Now I want to share it with all of you. It took me less than 2 hours and looks super cute hanging from the mantel in my living room. 

Supplies needed:
-green construction paper
-twine or string
-hot glue gun 

Begin by printing out the shamrock template, cut out the largest size, and trace it onto the green construction paper. Note: I found a pack of construction paper at the corner drug store for $3.

Cut the shamrocks. I traced and cut six shamrocks.

Crease the leaves of the shamrock by folding the petals in half and only folding the leaf portion. 

This stage is optional, I glittered three of the six shamrocks just to add a little sparkle to the banner. Feel free to glitter all six or leave them plain. 

Take six pieces of newspaper and cut into 5x7-inch pieces. 

Cut a triangle out of one end of the newspaper piece to create the flag or banner look. This cut should be on one of the 5-inch sides of the newspaper.

Fold the opposite side of the piece you just cut, about half an inch. 

Take a 60-inch piece of the twine or string, and place it right in the fold of your newspaper piece. Run a thin line of glue from the glue gun just beneath the twine or string and quickly hold the fold down. Be careful not to burn your fingers. Repeat this step for the six newspaper pieces.

When you finish, flip the banner over and it should look something like this.

Using the glue gun, put a small bead of glue on the back of a shamrock and place it on the center of the newspaper piece. Repeat for all the shamrocks. I used one plain shamrock and one glittered until I filled the banner.

Let the banner dry for a bit then hang it up and enjoy!

Hope you get to give this a try.

Until next time.